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June 2018


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I turn 53 this month. I was never too keen on having a summer birthday when I was in grade school. School was always out by then and I never got to bring cupcakes and celebrate with my class like other kids who didn’t have summer birthdays could. I survived, and eventually started having birthday parties at home with friends and family each year.

As I’ve gotten older, the age attached to each birthday seems less important than the knowledge and wisdom (hopefully) I gather each year. Likewise, parties have become fewer and farther between, as is often the case with birthdays as we age. We tend to celebrate only the milestone birthdays after a while, which I find a bit sad to be honest. It’s as though we take the specialness and celebration-worthiness out of the in-between birthdays – the ones that don’t end in a “0” or a “5.”

I am of the belief that we need to take time to acknowledge and celebrate not just the in-between birthdays, but also, and most especially, the little things in our everyday. It’s our little victories, the moments and the in-between-the-milestones events that give us the strength, the determination and oft-times the courage, to push ourselves on, especially during the moments that challenge us.

So this month, I want to encourage you to take time to celebrate yourself … your moments … your life – all of it, each and every single moment. Celebrate the toast that didn’t burn, the plant that is blooming in the backyard, the successful completion of another school year. Take time to celebrate an achievement, no matter how small, that you’ve accomplished. Take time to celebrate the happy. Take time to celebrate the big things AND the little things – the ones that make your heart smile and spirit soar.

This month I’m celebrating a birthday and all the moments through the last year, as well as the last 53 years, that brought me here. I’m celebrating the abundance of blessings that surround me, most especially my family and friends and of course, my (clean) and happy furkidz.

To honor the spirit of celebration we’ve got going on this month, we’ve created spaces that will lift your spirits, and your taste buds. From a new Quick ‘n Easy that’s quick AND easy, and our Burgerpalooza, to our series on Great Leaders with June Birthdays every Wednesday and a new tip to help you stay centered and balanced, we’re pulling out all the stops to help you get your celebration on. During a month of so much to be grateful for, we haven’t forgotten about Dad and his special day this month.

Join us as we get this celebration of life started. This month, and every month, we celebrate the you-ness of you. Ready. Set. Go! Let the celebration begin!

See you next month. Until then, be willing...


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