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March 2019


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This time of year is all about renewal.

As April brings us showers that start nature’s renewal, May brings on renewal in full force, as most of the northern hemisphere begins to bloom and the cold snowy days become a fast, distant memory. Trees and flowers begin to bud, while animals throughout nature awaken their worlds with new offspring. It’s a time of joy and celebration as the world we know readies itself to being again. As the northern hemisphere starts its parade into spring, the southern hemisphere begins its dance deeper into fall – yet another type of renewal.

No matter where you are in the world, the seasons constantly remind us that change is our only constant, and that renewal is inevitable, no matter how harsh the winter has been.

There have been quite a few changes in my life so far this year. With my consulting in the entertainment industry heating up, we continue to refine our service level to clients as well as restructure our service lines, all of which is attracting new clients in droves.

Coupled with the new season of Culinary Corner @ WYE the network prepping to begin filming (FINALLY!) in the next few weeks, and the many new shows WYE the network has in the works, my work life continues to be very busy. Feeling blessed and grateful, the abundance of renewal is also flowing into my personal life as well.

As my little family and I get our renewal in full swing, TJ, Jameson, and Esther remain a breath of fresh air (and sometimes frustration – but only in the cutest sense of the word), learning new things and chasing curiosity. The breath of life that is in my home these days, brings a new and fresh outlook in all things. That’s what new life does – it’s a breath of fresh air that blows in and stays just long enough to recharge, rejuvenate and renew you. It arrives like the Calvary, just when needed, usually right after a difficult period, and reminds us that the sun does indeed shine again … that there is hope … that there is purpose … that there is renewal.

As our internal revamp continues with systems upgrades that will allow us to serve you better, we continue with a revamp of our procedures that will, in the end, provide us with more tools and processes to help make your life easier. We’re also on a mission to help you renew what’s on your dinner table with a fresh new meal idea in this month’s Quick ‘n Easy segment. And we’re celebrating all things flower this month too, including our Wednesday afternoon reading series focusing on the leaders and institutions that helped shine a spotlight on agriculture, as well as a special Friday series covering the history of a few of today’s most popular flowers. Lastly, but far from least, this month we celebrate those that define human renewal – mothers.

There’s so much in store this month, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So stay tuned, stay centered … just stay … and let the renewal BEGIN!

See you next month. Until then, be willing …


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